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The Juke Joint in Acton - A Blues Community

"You might say that the universe plays the blues.”


Meet the film production team

Eric Doubt

Producer/ Director of Marketing and Fundraising - Eric Doubt

The first time leaving the Juke joint in Acton in 202o, I felt strongly this was a very special place: a unique blues venue, a stage for aspiring and established musicians, a safe, beautiful place for fans to gather, with echoes of juke joints in the old south and dotted all over the music map today. The camaraderie was uplifting. Cathy and I were blown away and on the way home she commented that this would make a great documentary. I was in the process of taking ann 8 month film making course and so it was a good fit.

I jumped at the opportunity.
I first spoke with Kim Duncanson, co-founder of the Juke joint in Acton and because it would be a tribute to Stew Laing, her partner and co-founder whom she had recently lost (we all lost) and a project from the heart, she agreed to support it. We soon gathered a planning committee and team of enthusiasts, all volunteer and shot through the 2021 season. Along the way we were strongly encouraged by musicians, fans and professional mentors.This year has been dedicated to editing, post production and fundraising peppered with gathering new content that came alone and fit. The vision has not changed; the scope of and ambition for the film has and we are excited to be planing a premier, local screenings, festival and awards entries and further distribution.

It’s one of the most challenging projects I’ve taken on in my marketing and communications career; so much learning and sweat. But our team is one of the best I’ve worked with ever andat every step doing each is doing their best for the musicians, for the fans, for the music and for the love of it all.

Peter Perko

Director/Art Director/Designer - Peter Perko

These days Peter is on special duty as Director and Art Director at CA14 Productions. He has developed all the visual branding and marketing material for our film project and occupied the director’s chair since inception in January 2021, developing the storyboards, guiding the videography and operating the second camera with Mac Hunter, along with assisting Ash Varma with editing.

In spare moments he is rehearsing for gigs with his band, Unless and playing tennis. Peter is also co-founder, co-creative director and chief graphic designer at CA14, Integrated Marketing & Communications and helps keep our clients super satisfied.

Ash Varma

Editor – Ash Varma

Fascinated by cinema as a child, Ash began his short film career in 2007, with a couple of his close friends and a camera bought off Craig’s List.

Since then, he has written, produced and directed over 65 projects including short films, documentaries, music videos & corporate work. His production company is
Like any ambitious filmmaker, he has the desire of making a feature-length film, soon

Mac Hunter

Director of Photographer/Co-Editor/Music Sound Engineer – Mac Hunter

 Mac is a videographer/editor who volunteered for this project way back at the beginning in January 2021. He has dedicated a huge number of professional hours to our beloved film.

His work on film shoots and location recordings, along with his work in the studio, is the backbone of the visual story. Mac is also an accomplished musician who plays bass and cello in the Director’s (Peter Perko) band, UNLESS. 


Kim Duncanson – Co-founder The Juke Joint in Acton
Erik Schubert – Co-founder
Alex Carter – Music consultant
Sue Walker – Social media consultant
Lori McCabe – Web design

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